Make A Beautiful Bracelet And Present It To Your Loved Ones

Jewelry is something that everyone adores. It is a perfect piece, and you can make your summer accessory and wear it at any place. Since the present time, the concept of beaded bracelets is getting famous among people. And therefore, people are looking for several tutorials on how to make bracelets with beads. One of the best ways to make the beaded bracelet is to string all the cord or tiger tail beads. Besides that, you can also add fastening to it. There are many variations available in the market to choose the best one per your convenience as per the beaded bracelet tutorial. 


Bracelets having smaller beads will surely signify a delicate piece, whereas large beads represent the style statement in the bead bracelet patterns. You can add an amazing look to your beaded bracelet and make them look extravagant or simple at your convenience. The selection of the beads completely depends on your choice. As per the beaded bracelets tutorials, you can make a layout of your design to help you know the final look of your beaded bracelet. 


You can even make the changes whenever you want to make them in the final layout. If you opt for the large strands of beads necklace, then make sure to measure the size of your wrist as there is a high probability that you might need more cords due to the heavyweight of the cords. You can consider the different finishes or techniques as per the bead bracelet diy, which solely depends on your bead choices and the size of the bead.


Semi-Precious or Glass Beads:

Pearl knotting is a great option for people who want to prevent the situations like wearing down or cracking down the stone. It might get attached to the wire or the cord.

Small Beads or Seed Beads: In this case, a softer cord is used, which is quite suitable for the wire or the tiger tail, as, in the case of the small beads, they tend to be light in weight. All the smaller beads attached to the tiger tail can even result in the gaps between the springy-looking beads strands bracelets and the beads, which does not look or give the feeling of greatness. 

If you are looking for a beaded necklace that does not have a fastener, then, in that case, you can book the stretch bracelet. In this case, all you have to do is tread down all your beads on one side of the elasticated cord and finish the entire row by keeping a knot.

If you are searching for the possible ways as to how to make a multi strand stretch bracelet, then for making the stretch bracelet, all you need is an essential material like:

Beads: You could buy them in any shape or size.  Elastic cord:


Its type is solely based on your bead choice option.In the case of the lighter version, you might need the thicker and more fabric enwrapped elastic.


Making A Multi-Strand Bracelet: It is the best option for people looking forward to adding some little quirk to their beautiful bracelet. The multi-stranded bracelet would perfectly satisfy their purpose. In the case of the bead bracelet string, you can make these beaded bracelets by either using your same-shaped beads or round-shaped beads. Besides that, you need to have an elastic, wire, or cord. Apart from that, you also need to have a multi-hole spacer bar that would help in maintaining an equal distance. Also, it would be best if you bought a beadboard. 

The bracelet would have a stretch, and it would come with five or more rows that would perfectly give it an alluring and gorgeous look. So you can perfectly buy it, and it would act as a style statement for you. You can surely provide these pieces with a gift to your friend or family member to act as a perfect gift for you.


We often look for jewelry pieces that can be perfectly made up, as you can surely proceed to make it when you are looking for holiday gifts or have just a few hours to spend on your jewelry-making process. There are many varieties of brick stitch bracelets available in the market that you can buy. You can surely buy them in the two colors having a bead size eight, and they will be quite bold and beautiful. You can even buy a double spiral rope bracelet as it has an excellent stitch quality. It would use a double spiral rope stitch that would become a little bit complicated in such cases. Eventually, it would act as a perfect stitch for all the beginners who are making it for the first time. It would act as a chunky piece that you can put in your stuff. 


All the jewelry pieces are made by using top-class bead quality that are hand-picked from the whole world. All the pleasant styles of the bracelets depict the brilliance of each bracelet that you can easily wear on all your occasions. You can make meaningful designs by using various vividly colored beads that perfectly symbolize an outstanding style. So you can simply learn how to do it by watching the bead bracelet tutorial.


A beaded bracelet has become one of the most common accessories these days, but it is quite popular from ancient times and is greatly used as a fashion accessory. Though its fashion has evolved from ancient times and its appearance and look have changed a lot. Since due to the customized jewelry options, people prefer to make it as per their convenience. You can easily make them in whatever color you want and in whatever design you want. 


In its first step, you need to prepare yourself with all the necessary tools and equipment to make the bracelet. Though you are not required to buy the entire staff on the day, you can still keep the jewelry pliers, wire cutters, and a good pair of craft scissors with you as they will always be useful to you. Forgiving your bracelet a sturdier and stiffer look, then you can surely use the beading wire as it will work perfectly for you. However, it's quick, flexible, and gives you a perfect look.


So, here is the list of steps you need to follow for making your perfect beaded bracelet: So, here is the list of steps you need to follow for making your perfect beaded bracelet:

Step One: The very first step would be that you need to cut the wire. It does not mean that you need to buy it of any particular brand as you can easily go with any brand but make sure that it is used for the jewelry-making process. Once you cut your wire, you need to be sure that it has enough length for making the bracelet. Along with that, you can take 3 to 4 inches extra to be on a safer side. 

Step Two: The second step would be to pick up the available size for your bead bracelet. It depends on you whether you want all the beads of the same size or different sizes. Your bracelet would not look too flashy if you use bigger-sized beads in between your bracelet.

Step Three: You need to find a good quality clasp and require two crimped beads in your beading bracelet. It would be best if you had a crimp bead as the reason for doing that is because they would secure the clasp of each wire. 

Step Four: Keep your beads ahead of their time. It is the perfect option if you have the beading board. If you do not have it, then also it is fine. You can put the beads on the towel or keep them on a flat surface. You need to lay your beads in the exact style or form you want to see on your bracelet. It will help you to save time or energy.

Step Five: It's a crimping time, so you need to keep your crimp beads on the wire, and then you need to keep the second one at its clasp. Secondly, you need to keep a half-inch of the wire before threading across the crimping bead. Later on, you can use the crimping tool for crimping the bead attached to the starting of the clasp. 

Step Six: Now, you can start threading your beads, get the length you want to have, and then wrap it around your wrist to check out if it's perfectly fine for you. 

Step Seven: After knowing the proper length, you need to keep the crimp on the bead at the beginning and end of its clasp. Then you need to thread your wire through it and then start the crimping process. 

Step Eight: Now, in this case, you need to pull its clasp and make sure that about the security of your crimping bead. Later on, you can cut down the extra wire if you have any. 

Final Verdict

Bead bracelets have been made and used by people for thousands of years. You can wear it as a piece of fashionable jewelry and can also match it with your outfit.