Here is how to do online shopping for artificial jewellery.

There are several stores, both online and offline, located in several places. Whether your shop is from local stores or ships internationally, you must be picky during simple artificial jewellery shopping.

People consider that even the most attractive piece of jewellery might not look well on them. Sometimes, it is a fact as not the accessories go well with every person's style choice, and some aspects must be considered, especially face shapes.

When you do online shopping for artificial jewellery, it is important to consider your complexion, dressing sense and more. Accessories will accentuate your look, so it is crucial to pick the right accessories and remember to scrutinise them before buying artificial jewellery from an online website.

In this article, we'll be discussing two important aspects, face type and skin tone. You have to consider these two while selecting the best jewellery. Get ready to learn more in detail about the two important factors you should consider before picking jewellery.

An accessory will look exquisite when it complements your face type and skin tone. Here, you will find the compilation of face types and their matching jewellery styles. If you aren't sure about the face shape, pull your hair back and learn about the natural shape of your face.

The below list consists of seven different face types, but you might have the combination of two different types as well. Remember that it is important to choose jewellery that looks exceptional with your face shape.

Do online shopping for artificial jewellery based on your face type

There are different face types, and similarly, you will find innumerable designs that complement your face type. An accessory that goes well with your face type elevates the look and boosts your confidence. Moreover, choosing the simple artificial jewellery based on your skin type will be comfortable to wear. Before selecting, here are the seven face types and know which is the best jewellery choice for you.

Oval face type

When you have a curved chin wide across the forehead and temple, this face type is angular and has the right distance between hairline, chin, and eyebrow. The oval face is considered the best face type to wear an earring and necklace.

It is better to avoid lengthy artificial jewellery that can lead to a long oval face. You can add some earrings like hoops and other uncomplicated earrings for an oval face. When it comes to necklaces, you can wear any type but ensure that the length syncs well with your face type.

No matter what necklace length you choose, it is important to wear the best that suits you well. Every necklace can complement your oval face, so it is important to find the right choice. As Oval is considered an optimal face type, there are several choices in picking the best during online shopping for artificial jewellery.

Round face type

The round face type has curvy and smooth lines, whereas the rounded jawline is also identified. You can use

simple artificial jewellery

that deviates the roundness as much as possible. Ensure that the accessories emphasise more on eyes or nose.

It is better to avoid artificial jewellery that makes your face look even wide and lengthy. If you have a round face, wearing long earrings can be an optimal choice. You can use the dangers, drops, chandeliers and more to elevate the look effortlessly.

Moreover, the vertical styles can be ideal, so choose the best for your face type. Short necklaces or collars can be ignored as they emphasise more on the throat part, reducing the broadness of the neck. You have to be vigilant while selecting the accessories as per your face type.

Heart-shaped face type

A heart-shaped face inculcated features as smooth, round, straight and flat. The forehead is wide, and the thin chin increases the emphasis on cheekbones. Remember that the upper side of the face is round, and there will be curvy edges with the angular chin.

While doing online shopping for artificial jewellery, remember that you have to pick the right accessories. Going for broad earrings and short necklaces can be the best for heart-shaped faces as the jawline's perfect balance is emphasised.

Moreover, chandelier earrings are considered the best for your shape. You can go for triangle earrings. Even a captivating pendant on your necklace can emphasise the face type. Apart from these, you can try choker necklaces or teardrop earrings. It is all about your choice, and ensure that the jewellery you choose goes well with your face type.

Square face type

As far as the square face is concerned, a strong jawline will have high emphasis, and you can go for various accessories to highlight smooth facial features. Make sure you select a lengthy necklace or simple artificial jewellery to elevate your look.

However, keep the length proportionate to your face. For a square face, a princess length necklace is considered optimal. Jewellery with shape can emphasise the smooth facial features so that you can choose hoop earrings or curved shape pendants as per your choice. A piece of jewellery you select can highlight smooth angles and provide the perfect balance.

Pear-shaped face

It is also considered a triangular face that completely contrasts with the proportions of a heart-shaped face. The forehead is narrow, and the jawline is broad. A piece of jewellery that softens the wide jawline by emphasising the cheekbones can be the right choice.

Narrow earrings can be a perfect choice as it captivates the onlookers' attention. Your facial proportions will be balanced with the best long statement pendants. You can also try short necklaces, or V-shaped necklaces can be the ideal choices. You have to pick the best choice for a pear-shaped face and ensure that the simple artificial jewellery looks great.

Rectangular Face

It is often considered similar to the square face and also referred to as the oblong face. For a softer look, do online artificial jewellery shopping with more curves and crescent-shaped accessories. However, you have to think twice before choosing the hoop or huge round accessories, which are unsuitable for the face type.

It is essential to find jewellery that accentuates your facial features and make them look broad. A collar and choker necklace would be great so that you can wear those without any hindrance. Find the simple artificial jewellery that suits well with your face type, and there are several online stores where you can purchase the best materials without any hassles.

Diamond face type

A narrow forehead and chin identify it as they are the same width. However, the cheekbones are the widest point of the face, and the chin will be on point. When you do online shopping for artificial jewellery, pick designs that diminish the jawline emphasis and make the forehead appear broad. It is important to emphasise the right earrings and necklace choice.

Choosing artificial jewellery based on your skin tone

You might see several accessories available online, and you order them without waiting. Some jewellery pieces would look great whereas other accessories won't give you the exact that you expected.

This might be the case for many people, and individuals often leave behind a few accessories just because they are not in sync with their looks. It is important to know that jewellery rests against your skin, and if it contrasts your skin, there may be a hurdle in wearing it. Just like the facial features, the way jewellery blends with your skin tone are very important. If combined perfectly, simple artificial jewellery will look great on you.

Perfect shades for your skin tone

Individuals with cool skin tones can go for metals in a light colour such as gold or silver, whereas rose gold, copper or brass is ideal for people with warm skin tones. Individuals who have neutral skin tone can prefer both white and yellow metals.

When it comes to colour, blue and shades of purple are best for cool skin. Apart from these, lavender, fuchsia and other pink shades can be great. Fiery red, pale yellows are the optimal choice for a warm skin tone.

Finding the best type of artificial jewellery for your skin tone

To know the right kind of jewellery, it is essential to determine your skin tone. Firstly, scrutinise the colour of your veins which is way too important. Expose your hand in natural light to check the colour.

The skin tone is warm if the veins are green, whereas people with blue veins or purple hue have neutral undertones. You can check out the above colours to pick the right metal that goes well with your skin tone. Or simply, wear the simple artificial jewellery to see whether it looks great on you.

You can just put on gold or silver jewellery to decide which looks better. You can also find skin tone by wearing certain coloured outfits. All you have to do is, use white clothing and hold it to your face in natural light.

You have a cool tone if the skin looks pink. People whose faces look yellow have warm skin tones. Finding how your skin reacts to the sun can help you determine your skin tone. People who get tans have a warm tone, whereas people who get sunburn have a cool tone.

You can determine the face type and skin tone before you do online shopping for artificial jewellery. Knowing about these two factors can help you find accessories that can elevate your look by several notches.


The fact how a facial structure and skin tone can influence the jewellery you choose can be mesmerising. Remember that the best earrings and necklace can emphasise your facial features.

Before you do online shopping for artificial jewellery, it is vital to check which accessory will go well with your face type and skin tone. Similarly, an incorrect choice can exaggerate your look and won't sync with your skin tone. The above tips can help you kick-start the journey of jewellery shopping on the internet.

If you have found a piece of jewellery that looks great on you but contradicts the above choices, you can wear it confidently. Explore the various jewellery choices available on our website and find the best to flaunt your style statement.