How Did Silver Jewelries Become the Best? Find Out.      

Silver is one of the precious metals that people love to wear. It is one metal that's been associated with luxury and wealth for several decades. You would have heard phrases like a silver spoon and all, which emphasizes the lavish lifestyle.

Apart from silver, gold, platinum, and palladium come under the rare metals criteria. Silver is in use since 3000 BC, and it's been used for various purposes. Silver is one of the beautiful metals you will choose for buying jewelry as it is versatile and alluring. When you think of silver metal, the first thing that strikes your mind is silver jewelries.

However, the metal is not just used to make jewelry as it instills various benefits. In ancient times, people were exploring the healing properties of gemstones, metals and minerals. Now, you will find endless answers for your simple search query on the health benefits of wearing precious metals like gold, silver and more. Silver jewelry has some enigmatic properties, from style statements to healing properties that one should know before wearing it. In this article, you will know everything about silver jewelry and how to wear it in style. Before that, let's get to know the History behind silver. 

Way back to where it all started 

After gold, silver is one of the precious metals with health benefits. Today, scientists concentrate more on evaluating the health benefits lurking behind. When you go turn the pages of History, you will find royals in Egypt, and Greek kingdoms were using silver to protect them from diseases and evil spirits. The silver jewelries were also worn during wars as a form of protection. 

Science behind silver 

There are some myths about silver, but you will also find many facts about the healing properties of the metal. It might not be very clear to verify which is true, and that's why we have compiled a list of benefits in wearing silver jewelry. 

Silver instills antibacterial properties 

You could have known about the antimicrobial properties of many metals. Meanwhile, it is crucial to know that silver jewelries have some potential effects on microorganisms and bacteria. It is important to know that silver can deal with microorganisms that might be hazardous to your health. When compared to brass and copper, silver has more antimicrobial properties. However, you cannot expect direct protection wearing your silver jewelry. It is crucial to know that wearing jewelry is helpful. This is why royals use silver for a long time. 

Silver is the best for sterilization 

If you belong to the healthcare industry, it is easier to understand this incredible benefit of silver. One may have noticed the silver tools used by the healthcare service provider as the metal instills exemplary sterilization properties. Silver tools are used in hospitals as it keeps the germs away. You can wear silver jewelry as it keeps germs and bacteria at bay. Centuries ago, it was usual for people to use direct protection against common viruses like flu. If a person has been infected, silver jewelries can be used to protect them against skin problems. Moreover, the metal prevents the buildup of germs over any wound and hinders the spread of infection.


Silver jewelry regulates heat 

When you wear an accessory, it directly comes into contact with your skin and regulates body heat. Though research has been conducted to prove the heat-regulating properties of silver, people feel good wearing the metal.  

Silver accessories identify toxicity in the environment

One of the important properties of silver is that the metal reacts based on the elements in the environment. You can identify the metal's colour change which elucidates the warning signal when you contact the poisonous elements and elucidates that it should be washed off. Apart from this, silver jewelries can identify high sodium levels in a person's body. People wearing this metal can notice the accessory turning blue if they are fond of salty foods.

These are the health benefits that you can acquire by wearing a piece of silver jewelry. It is one of the precious metals used in the manufacturing of various accessories. Whether it is men or women, silver jewelries are designed for everyone. However, accessories are quite close to women, and it elucidates that they have more reasons to buy silver jewelry.

Apart from the health benefits, here are some important reasons that nudge people to purchase silver jewelry. Silver has gained a reputation in ancient times, and you must find some of the precious accessories to include in your jewelry collection. 

Silver and skin tone 

There are innumerable reasons to buy silver jewelries, but people prefer the silver accessory as it looks great on your skin tone. Silver jewelry is ideal for neutral and cool undertones. Silver instills a cool complexion, and you can wear the jewelry without any doubts. Silver jewelry is considered a valuable accessory as it has numerous health benefits and looks flattering on particular skin tones. 

Durable accessories 

If you buy pure silver jewelry, it lasts for a long time. Copper is one metal that strengthens silver without fading out the natural colour. Silver accessories are made by adding a small quantity of copper. With this metal, you can wear lightweight jewelry as some people wallow because they have to wear heavy silver jewelries on important occasions. 


Silver is not a high-priced metal, but it instills several good properties. Sterling silver is the basic standard that most vendors sell. Remember that sterling silver accessories should have 92.5% pure silver to qualify as sterling silver.

In the case of gold jewelry, the alloy contains less gold as the metal is too soft to wear as an accessory. If you are looking for wallet-friendly accessories, silver pieces of jewelry are the best for you. It doesn't mean that you have to go for cheap accessories. Find a reliable online or offline store to buy high-quality silver jewelries. 

Goes well with diamond

Diamonds are extremely beautiful to wear, and they need a perfect metal that complements the precious stone. When you are choosing the luxurious gemstone, you will certainly want the best metal that looks great.

Diamonds are exemplary, which look great with any outfit, and they go well with silver metal. When compared to gold or rose gold, diamonds look pretty with the silver sparkle. You can accentuate the look by wearing a silver necklace with diamonds.

Though white gold seems to be a better alternative, sterling silver is cost-effective and gives the same look. When you go for silver jewelries, it accentuates your look, but you don't have to splurge more. 

Versatile accessories 

 When you buy a piece of jewelry, it's usual that we pick trendy pieces and also evaluate how it goes well with your casual outfits. However, it's not the same case in your daily routine. People don't have the time to gaze through various accessories and find nice pieces to go with their outfits.

In such cases, silver jewelry is extremely good and versatile to wear. With silver pieces of jewelry, you can add a timeless touch to your outfits. Whether you go for classic style or experiment with new looks, you can rely on the best silver jewelries.

Moreover, people don't have the liberty to buy various accessories in gold or highly-priced metals. It is not the same for silver accessories. Silver jewelry is a cost-effective addition to your jewelry collection that's versatile to wear with any outfit.

Purchase the right type of silver 

Since ancient times, silver has been synonymous with wealth. In today's lifestyle, people look for options that look great. Silver is one metal that's versatile and cost-effective. However, you will find different types of silver in the market.

You might have doubts about investing in the right type. Though there are several silver types, you can rely on the commonly used types, including sterling silver, pure silver, and silver-plated accessories. Sterling silver is one of the common choices as it looks astounding. Sterling silver can accentuate your look without necessitating you to splurge more.  

Silver tarnish - Everything you need to know 

Having specified all about silver jewelries, it's hard to skip this part. If you already have a piece of silver jewelry, you will notice that it turns black over time. Though pure silver won't tarnish easily, sterling silver is tarnished as it is exposed to environmental conditions. The alloy of sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and other metals like copper. When copper is exposed to air and humidity, it reacts, leading to the discoloration of your accessory.

When silver jewelry is exposed to various elements, including makeup, lotion, perfume, and more, it tarnishes swiftly. You can prevent silver jewelries from tarnishing, and we've compiled a list of things you can do to elongate the tarnishing time of silver. 

Tips to hinder silver tarnish 

No matter how much price you pay, sterling silver will eventually tarnish. Though you cannot stop the process, you can slow it down. A few simple tricks can go a long way. First off, you have to store the jewelry properly without exposing it to environmental conditions.

You have to prevent the silver jewelries from chemical exposure. Certain chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes can increase the speed of the tarnishing process. Moreover, exposing the silver accessory to water can pave the way to tarnishing. Ensure that you don't get in contact with cosmetics or lotions while wearing silver accessories.


Whether you buy silver jewelry online or bricks and mortar, you have to consider all these factors to know whether it is suitable for you. Moreover, you have to buy the silver jewelries from a reputable retailer. You can read reviews and ratings of previous buyers to know their experience with the jewelry store. DByCA is one place that you can trust to buy the best silver jewelry. Check out the coolest jewelry collections right away.