The right way to make your beaded necklace

A beaded necklace is beautiful and an elegant style statement. The beaded jewelry will never go out of trend as they are exquisite and loved by every woman. If you are intrigued by the process of making a beaded necklace, you can use the complete guide available here.

No matter what gemstones you like, beaded necklaces are eye-catching, and the vibrant colors of the stones will make it easy to team up with your necklace. From pearls to emeralds, there are so many gemstones available to take place in your beaded necklace. Anyone can start doing a beaded necklace DIY as the process is easy. Here you can learn how to commence and complete your necklace as a beginner.

Tools you need to start!

Firstly, ensure that you have the nitty-gritty, and everyone who searches about how to make beaded necklaces should have. Ensure you have a towel to keep the beads safely and scissors. Though these are the essentials, you can extend the inventory by adding other tools that are specified. Get to know about the exceptional tools that help you to make a beaded necklace effortlessly. Let us see how to use the tools effectively. 

Beadboards are the first thing you have to buy and ensure that the beadboard is of good quality. You can also buy various designs as per your wish. The beadboard will be helpful to get hold of the design you want as final beaded necklace patterns. With the small compartments in the bead boards, you can segregate the beads, which will be easier for you to make the necklace quickly. Without the beadboard, you might find it challenging to find the right bead while you are busy in the necklace-making process.

Scissors are way too essential, and an average scissor is more than enough to get the job done. You can also invest in special scissors manufactured for beadwork. It is easy to find one online or at cosmetic stores.


Jewelry-making round nose pliers are important with which you can easily make loops in the wire and complete the current loop. Along with this, you may also need tweezers and an awl. Tweezers are the best to use and will save a lot of time. 

When you buy awl, check whether it is specially designed for bead necklace patterns. Unlike stitching awls, a bead reamer is easy to handle while you make the jewelry. Measuring the necklace is also essential to ensure that you use the yardstick. 

Other tools include crimping pliers, wire cutters, and calipers, specially manufactured for beading. If you use wire to make a necklace, crimping pliers are way too important. When choosing the plier, ensure that it has smooth jaws.

If you already have, use a tap to wrap up the jaws and work with it easily. Calipers will let you know about the size of your beads to make the designing process effortless. With the calculations, you will get to know the number of beads needed for particular beaded necklaces to make. 

With all these tools, making a beaded necklace will be easier than ever. Moreover, you will need a good storage space to keep things safe. Most of the things you use are very small, so it is important to have an organizer that lets you store things in place. 

Find the right materials 

Creating a piece of jewelry all by yourself is intriguing, and it unleashes your creative side and lets you experiment with fresh style choices. If you aim for beaded necklaces to make, it is way easier with the right tools. 

You can effortlessly acquire the beautiful beads from online stores as well as bricks and mortars. You can get unique beads and used necklaces from the flea market, which are special for your jewelry-making project. Go for intriguing beads that can be impeccable when combined into a necklace. There are a few beads commonly used in the jewelry-making process. 

Pearls are the most attractive beads that come in various sizes, shapes, and shades. From Tahitian pearls to freshwater pearls, you can choose any color but remember that the price range may vary. However, pearls are pocket-friendly, so you don't have to worry about the cost. You can blend the pure pearls with other materials for a unique combination of beaded necklace DIY and wear them with all your outfits. 

The gem materials are exclusively available in the form of beads. From luxurious gemstones to affordable gems, you can get any bead as per your requirements. Beaded necklaces made of materials like amethysts, agate, and tiger-eye are great to wear with any outfit.

Apart from gemstones and pearls, you can also make various choices like metals, glass, wood, and shell. Metals are mostly used in making a necklace as they act as linking pieces, clasps, and more. You can also use simple beads as spacers or go for fancy beads as per your choice. When it comes to metal types, gold and beads are the best choices for necklaces to make. At times, iron and titanium are also used. 

Glass beads are a fantastic choice that can instantly elevate the aesthetics. It is also inexpensive but adds vibrant colors to the necklace. Glass beads are the cost-effective ways to make a necklace, and they will also be good when you go for it.

Likewise, wood and seashell are also inexpensively available in various colors and shapes. Since these are natural, you can try to make a necklace with these types of beads. When making a necklace, you need to keep track of the bead shapes. There are several shapes like oval, heart, stars, triangles, and more.

Now, you have a precise understanding of the types of beads available, but you should also use the beading chains to combine the beads into a beautiful necklace. When it comes to the cord, silk is the commonly used material, and now, you have other cords like nylon as the substitute for silk. As these materials are durable, you can use them in the making of a necklace.

Here is how you can make the multi-strand beaded necklace.  The best way to create a beautiful beaded necklace DIY is provided here, and the step-by-step process can be of great assistance to you. When you start making the stranded necklace, ensure that you have everything required for making the necklace. Here, the techniques used here are basic, and beginners will find it easier to complete the beaded necklace project.

Before you move on with the process, it is essential to know about a few things. Firstly, you need to get everything in place so that there is no hassle while creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. Remember that beading wire or thread is flexible to use with which the solution for your question, "how to make beaded necklaces?" will be found. Ensure the quality of beads is impeccable if you want the beaded necklace to be a statement piece of your ensemble.

You should determine the beaded necklace patterns as the length plays an important role. Short necklaces can be either choker or collar, whereas long necklaces can be of your desired length. If a piece of jewelry instills your personal style, it would be exemplary. A choker necklace will be around thirteen inches, whereas collar length can be sixteen inches, but lariat is forty-five inches. You can choose the right style and start making a necklace with beautiful beads.

Step 1

The beadboard is essential to have the layout. The initial step is to envision the beaded necklace design and execute beaded necklace patterns in three different strands. Or else, use the beading mat and ensure that you make curves perfectly available. 

With a beading mat, you can easily get the job done and assure you keep large beads in the central pattern, subsequently small in the second strands of beads, and the tiny beads would go on top of that. You can also add more beads but keep them on both sides. You can make the pattern as per your wish and work until the pattern makes you happy. Once you get the right design layout, start with the usual work. 

Step 2

Now, it is essential to cut the beading wire as per the length of your necklace. You can keep it around sixteen inches or the length you necessitate and use a crimp bead to protect the end of the wire. You can use a crimp cover to make the ends look nice and tidy. Ensure that the hammered link of beading chains is not twisted while doing all this, securely taking care of the loop. 

Step 3

While initiating, you can choose the top row for making the best-beaded necklace patterns and gradually add the beads as per your design. You can thread the tail of the beading wire using the hammered link and trim the wire properly so people can't see the unnecessary strings. Follow the steps carefully. If you wish to have one strand, you can wrap up the necklace-making process. 

Otherwise, go to the subsequent strands and utilize the same procedure to complete the process successfully. After the strands are clasped to the hammered links, you can add the beading chains. Attaching the chain is way too essential as you will properly locate the necklace right in place while wearing it. You need the correct length of chain you wanted and trim the chain at one end.

Now, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and start making the cutest beaded necklace easily. Choose the strands of beads and start from scratch without any doubts. All you need is the right way to make some beautiful jewelry by yourself. Ensure that you have the products for an easier process.